Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I didn't do so well....

So much for posting once a day for a week...that went right out the window...*sigh*. I'm ready for a break! I feel like my life is just so chaotic right now and I hate not feeling in control :/ My house is a DISASTER with a capital D! I got all my Christmas stuff out and even have my tree up (no lights or decorations yet), but now I have stuff strown ALL over the place. It's making me a bit crazy!

The photography thing is going WELL! I've had 4 sessions within the past 2 weeks and have two more before Christmas. It's very time consuming to edit and perfect the pictures and that's where most of my time on the computer is spent...editing, not blogging or keeping up with my forums :( But, I know I'll get it down to a science and get some balance at some point.

I'm off work starting Thur until the following Wed....I can NOT wait!!!! I'm Black Friday shopping with 3 of my neighbors and I'm stoked about that! I normally go with my mom, but she decided to go on a cruise this year...the nerve!!! lol

Today I have to take both kids to the doctor for their well check-ups. I'm just a little behind :p Dylan turned 5 in Aug and Sydni turned 7 in Oct....oops! They don't know it, but they are getting a flu shot today...this should be FUN...N.O.T.!!! I'm trying to decide which one to get it first. Whichever gets it first needs to NOT make a scene so the other won't be freaked out. Maybe I could see if 2 nurses could come in and they could do them together?? Double torture?? I'm sew meen!

The kids are out of school tomorrow, but I have to work. Their daycare is having a "lazy day" and they get to wear their pj's and watch movies and have a special feast. They are super excited about it. I'm praying that it's a quiet day at work. I'm planning to leave around 3 anyway.

So tomorrow night, I have a date with my hubby ;) Well, a double date, but it's a date nonetheless! My MIL is watching the kids while we go to dinner and a movie (Four Christmases) with our neighbors :) I'm dying to see this movie and just to have a night out. Should be lots of fun!!

My mom has signed me up for Corn Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole for T'ing Day. Nice of her, huh?? :) No really, that's what I bring EVERY year, apparently I cook those well (if you know me well enough to know that I don't cook, this should be funny) and everyone always raves about them....works for me!!! My recipe for the SP Casserole is DELISH!! It's my grandma's recipe...let me know if you want it and I'll post it.

Okay, so this has gotten REALLY long...guess that's what I get for not posting for a week like I said I was going to. I will say though, no one kicked my ass or harrassed me??? What kind of friends are you?!?!!? JUST KIDDING!!

I guess I should get some work done since I'm leaving early to torture (did I say that) take my kids to the doctor today :) I'll let you know how the shot business goes ;p

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shame Shame Shame....

On me! Ugh, my world has been just nuts. That's the only way I know how to put it. I have had some pretty big stuff going on at work and that has required WAY more of my time and thoughts than it normally does :( Luckily, it's about to be done and I'll have some breathing room soon!

What's new with us? Not much, I've been taking some pictures, we had our last soccer game 2 weeks ago and have the trophy ceremony this Saturday. Sydni is still loving gymnastics :) It is prime-time hunting season in my house, so Jeremy is gone every Saturday and Sunday morning until lunch time. I really don't mind it...gives me time to get up and be lazy ;p

I'm really looking forward to the holiday! I just love Thanksgiving and Christmas...yes, I've already started listening to Christmas music...I'm a dork like that ;)

I have ZERO shopping done :( I do have a list though, so it's started. Our Christmas will be minimal this year. My kids just have WAY too much stuff and they always get SO much from the grandparents and other family. I'm just done with feeling like I have to get them so much. Plus, we don't have a ton of money to spend (who does these days??) on things they really don't need. They are planning to ask Santa for a chocolate lab puppy :) If you don't know, we had a chocolate lab that was 8 yrs old (he was my baby before the babies) and we had to put him to sleep last year, the week before Christmas :( I'm sure hoping Santa can find one ;)

So that's my update for today....I am making a commitment to myself to submit a blog entry once a day for the next 2 weeks...even if it's just a couple of sentences to say I'm tired. So keep after me!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm sorry!

I haven't posted much! Ack! I've had a lot going on...so I should have a bunch to post about, right?? LOL

The kids and I have all been battling the nasty sinus infection crud :( I'm crazy busy at work and don't have a lot of time to catch up then. Soccer is almost over, that's a good thing! I hope to get on here tonight or tomorrow and do a much longer post with an update!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a whole lotta nothing

That's what I did last night!! We all got home and just zoned out. Dylan actually went to sleep on the couch at 5:45!! He woke up briefly at about 8:15 and said his throat hurt and got some apple juice. He was back asleep at 8:45 and I had to wake him up at 6:45 this morning!! He was fine this morning though. Poor guy, he had a busy weekend and he was TIRED!!!

Sydni played with her Webkinz and I read a book. Jeremy watched some TV and aggravated me...apparently that's a fun thing for him to do?!?!

Anyway, I can NOT be lazy tonight...I've got laundry to do and I really need to clean Sydni's room really good. I'm not sure whether we have soccer tonight or not. We don't have a game this weekend, so I would guess not, but you never know!

I guess I should out myself on my blog...I have a new venture. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was really into photography. Well, I have decided to make a go of it. Obviously I can't quit my day at this point, but I'm going to schedule things on the weekends and see how it works out. I am by NO means great, but I think I have a talent and I *know* that it's something I'm truly passionate about. Hopefully those two things will be a good combination. I started a website with the help of my good friend Nikki (thanks again Nikki!!!) and am in the process of having postcards printed to get my name out there. I've got a couple of sessions lined up this weekend with my neighbors to get some photos for my portfolio. To say I'm excited about this would be a huge understatement..it's all I can think about!!! I've got a business plan put together and everything. Jeremy is somewhat scared ;p I know it will be slow in the beginning, but "I have a dream" and hopefully, with a lot of hard work, it just might come true. Here's the website if you want to check it out: www.ambersegrovesphotography.com Be nice to me, it's pretty plain at this point, but it was a free template and I'm VERY html limited :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

There aren't enough hours in the day!!

Ugh, it can't be Monday already...seriously! I need just ONE more day.

Our weekend was good! Friday night we took the kids to see Beverly Hills Chiuauaha (however you spell that word?!?). It was a cute movie...Jeremy and Dylan were a little restless 1/2 way through. Sydni loved it though :) I told Jeremy that it's crazy how when we were dating and first married, we could take $20 and that would get us in the movie AND buy a drink and popcorn. We spent $50 for us to get in and drinks/popcorn...CRAZY! Oh well, it was good family time, so it was worth it, right?? Plus, we rarely go to the movies, so it's okay to splurge every once in a while.

Saturday morning we had soccer...my little man did AWESOME!! He was focused and hustled the entire game. I'm super proud of him :) I've got some good action pictures that I'm going to download today, so I'll put them up on here. After the game, Sydni and I headed to my mom's house to hang out with her for the day. We had SUCH fun, just us girls!! I helped my mom repaint her front door, we got down all her fall decorations and I got to pick out some stuff for my house that she didn't want anymore! Plus, she cleaned out her closet and gave me a BUNCH of stuff (we wear the same size and have the same taste,..lucky me). So it was like I went shopping and didn't spend a dime...WOOHOO!! Jeremy had taken Dylan to J's cousins b-day while we were gone. We got back home around 5:30ish and I was TIRED!! Not really sure why, I hadn't done anything really major. Anyway, I developed a headache, decided to take a bath and ended up in bed by 8:30..that is so NOT like me!! But, I don't remember anything until 8:30 Sun morning so I must have just been really tired. I felt fine on Sunday morning.

We got up on Sunday and decided that church just wasn't happening for us. We headed to Lowe's to get pickets so Jeremy could start that portion of the fence. If anyone ever tells you it's a breeze to put up your own privacy fence..don't listen to them. While it does save you money to do it yourself, it is HARD labor and very tedious and slow! They had some mums marked 1/2 off at Lowe's, so I got a deal on 2 HUGE baskets w/mum's in them for the porch. I got the decorations that mom had given me and got my porch all decorated. After lunch, I went over to my friend's house. They just built a new home and I hadn't seen it yet. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy for her! Watched my Cowboys win...barely!! We went for Mexican for dinner last night...YUM!

I'll have to take pics of the front porch and all my decorations. While at Lowe's we let the kids pick out a pumpkin and Jeremy carved them last night. It was too cute, he let Sydni draw out their faces on paper and then he transferred it to the pumpkin. I think he had more fun than they did ;)

Oh, the highlight of the weekend...I sold my treadmill! YAY!! I put it on Craigslist last weekend and finally got a bite. They didn't try to negotiate the price or anything. So, I paid off a bill with that and that definitely felt good :)

Not sure if my week is going to be crazy or just normal busy this week...so far things are pretty quiet, but that can change in the blink of an eye.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I've been a busy bee!!

It's been a week...whew. I'm so glad it's Friday!! After a busy weekend last weekend with soccer, b-day party, haircut, church, cleaning house, Cowboy's game...etc, then this work week! I have had so much to do at work, it isn't even funny! Job security though, right?? That's what I tell myself anyway.

Dylan's behavior has been a *little* bit better this week...we did have another incident at soccer practice. I didn't go because apparently (according to Jeremy), I'm not allowed to go anymore. Dylan acts way worse when I'm there :( 99% of it is because he's tired...he's still struggling with the no nap thing. Last night he was asleep by 6:15 for the night!! Poor guy didn't even eat dinner or get his bath in! Okay, back to the soccer incident. So there's this ADORABLE little girl on his team, I might have mentioned her...her name is Landrie. Anyway, I get this phone call and it's Dylan..he's BAWLING! I ask him what's wrong and he said, "Daddy spanked me..WAHH". I asked him what happend. He said that he said something mean to one of his friends. After about 3 or 4 tries of him telling me what he said through his babbling cries, I got out that he told Landrie she was fat :( This little girl is absolutely adorable and she is a little on the chunky side. I was MORTIFIED!! We try SO hard not to talk about the way people look and I am very conscious of saying I'm on a "diet" or really even talking about size/weight, etc. I know how bad my self-image is at almost 30 and I know society does enough damage itself, so we are very careful in that aspect. SO, I calmly explain to him (again, we are on the phone here) that what he said was NOT okay and we do NOT say things to hurt peoples feelings...EVER! I explain to him that he gets upset when someone says something to him he doesn't like and how is this any different. Of course, he's still bawling at this point. I told him to get himself together, calm down to where he's not crying anymore and go back out on the soccer field and apologize to Landrie and tell her he was sorry for hurting her feelings. He said he would and we ended the call.

They got home from soccer and we had another talk. He did apologize to her and Jeremy said she didn't appear to be upset by the comment, but still!! I had already decided that before they got home, I was going to call her mom. She is the sweetest woman ever, so I didn't think she would make a big deal out of it, but I wanted her to know that it was NOT okay and Dylan had been talked to. When I called her, she was beyond sweet about it. She said Landrie had not even said anything to her, so it must not have left much of an impression. She thanked me profusely for calling, said it meant a lot to her, etc. Apparently, they've had to drop out of one Mother's Day out program because of kids making fun of her...these are FOUR year olds people!! It just amazes me!!

Anyway, that's my big saga of the week. I've been praying for God to give me the strength to handle these things with the right amount of calm and sternness that is needed AND my kids still knowing that I love them regardless. Seriously, there should have been a parenting manual!!

This weekend looks to be a pretty good one. Saturday we have soccer first thing. Then, the kids and I are going to my mom's house to help her get her fall decorations out and put up...should be fun :) Sunday, we'll go to church and then just hang out, watch some football...good ole Fall Sunday...love it!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday!

And after the past two weeks at work, I'm am SO glad the weekend is here!! Today shouldn't be TOO bad and I'm planning to scoot out a little early :) I started the day out with a Non-fat White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks...YUM!! Great way to start the day ;)

We had Open House last night for Dylan's school. He got GLOWING reviews and his teacher said he's just doing great. She said he has the BEST manners (who would have thought??) and is so polite. I guess he just acts bad for me, huh? Nice. Anyway, he was so cute! He showed us all around the school, music room, gym, cafeteria, etc. He was a proud little guy!

Tonight we have Homecoming. I'm a little less than thrilled to go for some reason. I think it's just the fact of dropping $20 on tickets and who knows how much on food while we are there. Dylan will probably be ready to go 5 min after it starts anyway! BUT, Sydni is WAY excited about it and we have this mum that we've made. I'm half-way considering asking my neighbor if she can just go with them. She's a coach's wife and it's just her and her daughter (she's Sydni's age). Would that make me a bad parent to ask?? *sigh*

We have a busy day planned for tomorrow. Soccer game at 10, then we have a b-day party in town at noon. The kids are thrilled because it's at Chuck E Cheese. Jeremy, notsomuch! LOL! Then we are going over to my grandmother's house. You see, my uncle (mom's brother) is scheduled to be at my grandmother's.

Gotta get to a meeting...more updates later!