Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I didn't do so well....

So much for posting once a day for a week...that went right out the window...*sigh*. I'm ready for a break! I feel like my life is just so chaotic right now and I hate not feeling in control :/ My house is a DISASTER with a capital D! I got all my Christmas stuff out and even have my tree up (no lights or decorations yet), but now I have stuff strown ALL over the place. It's making me a bit crazy!

The photography thing is going WELL! I've had 4 sessions within the past 2 weeks and have two more before Christmas. It's very time consuming to edit and perfect the pictures and that's where most of my time on the computer is spent...editing, not blogging or keeping up with my forums :( But, I know I'll get it down to a science and get some balance at some point.

I'm off work starting Thur until the following Wed....I can NOT wait!!!! I'm Black Friday shopping with 3 of my neighbors and I'm stoked about that! I normally go with my mom, but she decided to go on a cruise this year...the nerve!!! lol

Today I have to take both kids to the doctor for their well check-ups. I'm just a little behind :p Dylan turned 5 in Aug and Sydni turned 7 in Oct....oops! They don't know it, but they are getting a flu shot today...this should be FUN...N.O.T.!!! I'm trying to decide which one to get it first. Whichever gets it first needs to NOT make a scene so the other won't be freaked out. Maybe I could see if 2 nurses could come in and they could do them together?? Double torture?? I'm sew meen!

The kids are out of school tomorrow, but I have to work. Their daycare is having a "lazy day" and they get to wear their pj's and watch movies and have a special feast. They are super excited about it. I'm praying that it's a quiet day at work. I'm planning to leave around 3 anyway.

So tomorrow night, I have a date with my hubby ;) Well, a double date, but it's a date nonetheless! My MIL is watching the kids while we go to dinner and a movie (Four Christmases) with our neighbors :) I'm dying to see this movie and just to have a night out. Should be lots of fun!!

My mom has signed me up for Corn Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole for T'ing Day. Nice of her, huh?? :) No really, that's what I bring EVERY year, apparently I cook those well (if you know me well enough to know that I don't cook, this should be funny) and everyone always raves about them....works for me!!! My recipe for the SP Casserole is DELISH!! It's my grandma's recipe...let me know if you want it and I'll post it.

Okay, so this has gotten REALLY long...guess that's what I get for not posting for a week like I said I was going to. I will say though, no one kicked my ass or harrassed me??? What kind of friends are you?!?!!? JUST KIDDING!!

I guess I should get some work done since I'm leaving early to torture (did I say that) take my kids to the doctor today :) I'll let you know how the shot business goes ;p


Jenn said...

so, where is the update on how the shots went?

I was trying to cut you some slack with the holiday craziness :D Now i'll be on you like white on rice!

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